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Find below the documents to fill out that provide us with all the finer details of your wedding. Please ensure that these are as detailed as possible and returned to us no later than 6 weeks prior to arrival.
This will ensure that as a venue we are able to fully prepare for your wedding and allows for a smooth flowing epic experience for you.

Please check your contract to see how many rooms are included (41 or 39) which is located on page 7-  Schedule Of Inclusions - of your contract. Please select the room allocation sheet below according to the number of rooms listed on your conttract. The reason some contracts have 41 is because the booking occured before renovations were scheduled. The reason some contracts have 39 is because the booking occurred after renovations were scheduled and locked in. Two rooms will be undergoing renos at a time and will not be available and your contracts, inclusions and package reflects this.
1 - Room allocation spreadsheet 39 rooms
1a - Room allocation spreadsheet 41 rooms
2 - The Lodge Map
3 - Final Checklist 
4 - Runsheet
5 - Floor plan

6 - Food & drinks checklist
7 - Choose your stationery
We will print table menus with your selected menu choices. You can choose the stationary you want us to use from the options below and we'll print them for you. 
         a) Option 1
         b) Option 2
         c) Option 3
         d) Option 4
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