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The Lodge Jamberoo is an existing venue that was built in the 60s and features a hotel building with 39 rooms, a seperate restaurant building with a large restaurant and intimate bar with fireplace, a day spa and gym, a huge wedding hall with a deck overlooking a beautiful river and surrounded by forest. The venue and hotel were renovated 2 years ago by the previous owners. We are now adding our own unique style and making it, for want of a better word...a VIBE.

While we are open and operating we will also be undergoing renovations and styling from September 2022 for a couple of months.  Renovations are as explained in each section below, but here are some inspirations images that set the tone and vibe. 

When you arrive at The Lodge, it almost feels like you are in Europe. We are surrounded by pine trees towering overheard, there is a running river on one whole side of our property, you can see the mountains and distant waterfalls in the background...its like being in the hills of Italy, but its also a bit swiss, maybe even French.
One thing is for certain - it is magical.
You need to come and visit to know what we mean.
It's definitely got that je ne sais quoi. 

And so in redoing our interiors we are drawing inspiration from European vacations, nostalgia, pine forests, a mix of coastal yet mountains flourishes. Integrating antiques we have hunted down and eclectic pieces we have searched the world for - items with a French/European flair and adding them to some gorgeous new and custom pieces that tie it all together. The layering of the colours, fabric, artwork and styling approach keeps it fresh and vibrant. These snapshots are more about an energy...
The restaurant is undergoing a complete redesign which is being done by the incredible team at BARBARA STUDIO. This includes all new paint inside and out, new light fittings on walls and ceilings, new floor coverings, all new furniture which will be a gorgeous and eclectic mix of new, retro and antique pieces. 
We are doing a complete makeover on the pool, and its nothing you would expect or have seen before! It will be vibrant and fun and beautiful and just the place to splash around, have some fun, sip a cocktail and enjoy the sun!



The wedding hall is already beautiful, but once we add some touches it will be STUNNING. It is a huge space and features a timber lined pitched ceiling with gorgeous exposed timber beams. We will be painting the brick walls white, painting the ceiling white and adding some other gorgeous touches that will transform and elevate this space. You can see here what it looks like now, and how it has so much potential!

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 7.35.50 pm.png

There is a large indoor space which we are renovating into a grooms room which will include pool table, ping pong table, lounges and some fun and masculine interior touches. This is the perfect space for the boys to get ready before the ceremony!

And of course we haven't forgotten the ladies! The bride and her tribe will have a gorgeous indoor space which overlooks the flowing river. The space is in its own building, set away from the main accomodation. It has curtains on the windows to have complete privacy and no one can see in from the river side. So you and your girls can relax and get ready in style. There will be lounges, mirrors, and beautiful feminine styling.

You can see some pictures here of the current venue:

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